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Monday, 24 Jun 2019

University of Alberta, Canada

The University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, is among the top six Canadian universities in annual total research funding. In June, they were one of two Canadian universities to take delivery of a Geoprobe® 77 Series machine.

Dr. Gary Kachanoski, Vice-President (Research) and Professor in the Department of Renewable Resources, believes that the acquisition of the Geoprobe® Model 7730DT with direct sensing, soil sampling, and groundwater monitoring equipment, will further the research being done by his department and many other disciplines offered at the University of Alberta. “I plan to encourage many of our faculty and students in several departments to use the equipment,” he said. Dr. Kachanoski was the first to use the new purchase for two weeks on a project in the neighboring province of Saskatchewan.

Dr. Kachanoski was appointed the University’s Vice- President in 2001, and is responsible for providing leadership and direction to research activities and initiatives on campus, and for creating a climate of support where individuals can achieve success.

Sven Dean and Mark Klessons of Groundtech Solutions delivered the 7730DT and trained the university staff. Groundtech Solutions is the exclusive distributor of Geoprobe® machines and tooling in Canada.