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Tuesday, 21 Sep 2021

Geoprobe« 8140 Sonic

After many years of development, the Geoprobe« GV4 Rotary Sonic Head (with Patents Pending) is finally released. Way more than mini sonic!

The primary benefits of SONIC technology are very rapid drilling rates combined with reduced volumes of waste. The Geoprobe« SONIC uses an oscillator with frequency of vibration between 0-150 Hz and maximum rotary torque of 3,500 ft-lbs. Vibration of the drill bit or core barrel can be varied to allow optimum penetration of subsurface materials. A dual string assembly allows advancement of casing with the inner sampler used to collect samples. Small amounts of air and water can be used to remove the material between the inner and outer casing.

Geoprobe« 8140DT SONIC SPECS:

Geoprobe« 40DT Track Base Platform
  • 15,720 lbs Standard Weight
  • Caterpillar 120 HP 4 Cylinder Turbo Diesel
  • Hydraulic System: Max 100 gpm @ Max 4,000 psi
  • Surface Load Pressure: 6.8 psi
  • Ground Speed: 5 km/hr
Geoprobe« 81ĺ Foot & Mast Assembly
  • 88ö Stroke
  • 20,000 lbs retraction force
  • Mast & Winch
Geoprobe« GV4 Rotary Sonic
  • Oscillator Frequency 0-150 Hz
  • Maximum Rotary Torque: 3,500 Ft-lbs
  • Maximum Rotary Speed: 150 rpm
  • Casing Adapter & Water Swivel