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Monday, 25 Oct 2021

Dual Tube Soil Sampling Systems

The DT325 Soil Sampling System, designed for use with 3.25” probe rods, uses a unique combination of cutting shoe, sheath and liner retainer to allow efficient recovery of samples in formations ranging from tills to saturated sands. The DT325 system is designed to quickly recover samples well below the water table.


  • Soil sampling inside a cased borehole
  • Causes less disturbance to the natural formation
  • Sample retrieved in clear PVC liner
  • Sample size:
    • DT325 is 2” diameter up to a 5’ length sample
    • DT21 is 1.25” diameter up to a 4’ length sample
  • Set PVC monitoring well inside outer casing after collecting soil cores
    • Including pre-packed well screens
  • Sample all soil types from tills to saturated sands
  • Sample from a discrete depth using inner rod string and point
  • Sample both saturated and unsaturated zones without cross contamination
  • Multiple interval sampling
  • Used for slug testing
  • Used for groundwater profiling


  • Cased hole prevents caving of borehole and cross contamination
  • Perform Bottom Up grouting while extracting outer casing
  • No soil cuttings to dispose of (save $$)

Field Facts:

  • Sampling depths typically range from 0-60’, although deeper depths are regularly achieved
  • Sediment sampling performed with full sample recovery
  • Can also perform discreet soil sampling with the Dual Tube (DT325 & DT21) sampling systems
  • Canadian and US regulatory agencies recommend this sampling method
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