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Monday, 25 Oct 2021

MC5 Soil Sampling System

The MC5 system features a new, aggressive thread design which translates into longer tool wear for the most popular soil sampler in the direct-push industry.

  • Sample retrieved in clear PVC liner
  • Causes less disturbance to the natural formation
  • Sample Size: 1.5” diameter up to 5’ length liner
  • Continuous sampling and Discreet sampling
  • Pneumatic Slug Test Kit
  • Open Tube sampling and Closed-Piston sampling
  • Excellent performance in harsh conditions
  • Discreet sampling allows faster sampling from different depths
  • No soil cuttings to dispose of (save $$$)
Field Facts:
  • Soil sampling depths have been achieved to 100’ in Canada
  • Successful in retrieving sample in flowing sand conditions
Download PDF Sheet: