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Monday, 25 Oct 2021

Augers, Concrete and Pavement Tools

Hollow Stem Augers (HSA) are commonly used to set groundwater monitoring wells for environmental and geotechnical applications. With the Geoprobe 7822DT and 8040DT Machines you can you can turn 4.25 in. (ID); 8 in. (OD) hollow stem augers with the same machine you had just been using for percussion probing. When you are ready to auger, just use the GA3000 auger head. This added flexibility has proven to be a big advantage with field operators.

Frost & Solid Augers: There is something for just about everyone in our solid auger line of equipment. Use a 2.5 in. or 4.5 in. auger to open a probe hole through a frost layer, asphalt, or compacted surface fills. When the layer has been penetrated, remove the auger and begin probing. You can even use your GH62 hammer rotation to drill an 8 in. hole for a well head protector.

Frost & Solid Augers

  • 2.5 in. Frost Augers for GH42 Hammers
  • 4.5 in. Solid Augers for GH62 Hammers
  • 8 in. Solid Augers for GH62 Hammers

Pavement Cutting Tools: Need to break a hole through the concrete? Geoprobe® has many sizes of drill steels and carbide-tipped concrete bits to get you through.

  • Drill Steels for GH62 Series Hammers 48 in. and 24 in.
  • Drill Steels for GH42 Series Hammers 48 in., 36 in., and 24 in.
  • Carbide-Tipped Drill Bits in various diameters for both GH42 and GH62 Drill Steels

Concrete Coring Tools: The Geoprobe® concrete coring system can be used to cut a core without having to mobilize a specialized piece of equipment to the site. This improves efficiency and it adds value to your direct push machine. [Note: the concrete coring system is not compatible with 54LT or 540M machines.]

Geoprobe® Concrete Coring Tools include:

  • Concrete Coring Kit with Water Flow Assembly
  • Diamond Core Bits, 12 in., 8 in., and 5 in.
  • Water System with Tank and Tank Carrier


  • 4.25” (ID) Hollow Stem Augers (8” OD)
    • Traditional method for installing 2” monitoring wells
    • Allows for Bottom-Up Grouting
    • Can be used as a “casing” to prevent caving boreholes
  • 4.5” (OD) Solid Stem Augers
    • used for penetrating extremely dense zones
  • Pavement and Concrete Coring tools
    • Barrel size: 2” to 12”
    • 10” extensions available


  • Hollow Stem Augers are used to meet monitoring well annulus space requirements
  • Pavement and concrete coring tools eliminate extra costs associated with a coring contractor

Field Facts:

  • Hollow Stem Augering depths up to 70’ using the Geoprobe® 6620DT
  • Can be used with the DT325 Sampling System to drill past a contaminated zone and not drag the contamination down hole