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Tuesday, 21 Sep 2021

Groundwater Sampling Systems

The Screen Point 16 Groundwater Samplers are used to collect groundwater samples from unconsolidated materials at depths ranging from near ground surface to 150’ below grade


  • Completely sealed during driving
  • Durable drive head and corrosion resistant sample sheath
  • Built to withstand percussive probing
  • Screen sheath forms mechanical annular seal above the screen while sampling
  • Reusable stainless steel screen
  • 41” exposed screen length
  • fast recharge from formation
  • samples recovered using Tube Check Valve, Mini-bailer or ˝” Bladder Pump
  • "Groutable" design allows abandonment grout to be pumped through sampler to meet ASTM Method D 5299-92 requirements.


  • Low cost method of obtaining groundwater samples
  • No need for the expense of conventional monitoring wells
  • Possible to profile deep water table without the need for multiple well installations
  • Quick undisturbed grab samples
  • Samples of water directly from the interface
  • Sample booth dissolved compounds and NAPLs
  • Abandonment grouting from “Bottom Up”
  • Ease of monitoring static water levels

Field Facts:

  • Great for Flowing Sand Conditions
  • Less invasive
  • Samples DNAPLs from 100’ depths
  • NO well record required (classified as jetted point) in most jurisdictions
  • See more groundwater samplers with Geoprobe Tool Catalogue

Download PDF Sheet: