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Monday, 25 Oct 2021

GP2250 Grout Pump

The GP2250 was designed to do one thing: simplify the task of grouting holes. The task of mixing grout, pumping it downhole, and cleaning up the mess it leaves behind is looked upon with little favor. The GP2250 simplifes this task by providing a platform for mixing and pumping that can easily be moved around the job site.

The GP2250 incorporates many features of other Geoprobe® grout systems. It’s 100 percent field serviceable for clean up, it’s powered by auxiliary hydraulics already incorporated in your Geoprobe® machine, and it’s built for easy mobility. Not only is it easy to move around the site, but it was designed to simplify transport to and from the job site with built-in tie down eyelets and fork lift provisions.

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