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Monday, 25 Oct 2021

Pneumatic Slug Test Kit

The Pneumatic Slug Test Kit was developed by Geoprobe« Systems to conduct pneumatic slug tests in saturated formations of unconsolidated soils or sediments. The system provides high-quality data for accurate determination of formation hydraulic conductivity (K). The slug test kit is self-contained and is easily taken from site to site. In pneumatic slug testing, the well head is sealed and air pressure is used to displace/lower the water level. As air pressure in the well is increased, the water level falls until the water pressure "up" and the air pressure "down" are equal. Once the water level is stable, a release valve is quickly opened, instantaneously releasing the air pressure. The water level recovers (rising head test) without splashing and the pressure transducer and data logger/computer record the changes in water level and time.

The kit includes a pressure manifold and rod adapters, small diameter high resolution pressure transducer, data logger that adapts to the user's PC, and a pressure pump for applying air pressure to the top of the casing.

Hydraulic conductivity is an important parameter in contaminant investigations. Hydraulic conductivity (K) is useful in determining the volume of water passing through a given soil cross section, and for estimating the flow velocity of contaminated groundwater. With the Pneumatic Slug Test Kit, set-up is simple, requires only a few minutes, and all of the equipment needed is easily transported from one site to another in a carrying case.