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Monday, 25 Oct 2021

Mechanical Bladder Pump (MBP)

The Mechanical Bladder Pump, manufactured by Geoprobe« Systems, offers a better way to meet low flow sampling requirements because it saves money with less field effort!

The Mechanical Bladder Pump requires no expensive, cumbersome equipment or accessories. Forget about heavy generators, compressors, and pneumatic controllers. This simple, easy-to-assemble pump can collect representative samples for VOCs and other environmental analytes without compromising sample quality.

Operation in the field is simple. All you need is the bladder pump and concentric tubing. The tubing is attached to the top of the pump and extends to the surface. The assembled Mechanical Bladder Pump is then lowered into the monitoring well or into the small diameter groundwater sampler. During operation, the outer tubing is held in place while the inner tubing is raised and lowered. This action alternatively expands and compresses the corrugated bladder inside the pump. A few seconds of pumping brings the fluid to the surface and a sample is quickly retrieved.

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