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Monday, 25 Oct 2021

Electrical Conductivity (EC) Probe

Direct Image« Electrical Conductivity (EC) System and EC logs are used to define zones of lower conductivity that allow the movement of contaminants (hydrocarbons, chlorinated VOCs, or metals) in the subsurface. The lithologic information gathered with the Conductivity System can be used to aid the investigator in understanding the movement and location of contaminants in the subsurface. This information also assists in the proper placement of monitoring or extraction wells.

The conductivity of soils is different for each type of media. Finer grained sediments, such as silts or clays, will have a higher EC signal. While coarser grained sediments, sands and gravel, will have a lower EC signal. The coarser grained sediments will allow the migration of contaminants and the finer grained sediments will trap the contaminant. The EC system is a powerful tool when used properly. The EC gives the investigator real-time, on-screen logs allowing onsite decisions.

Features & Benefits...

  • Measures soil conductivity and probing speed simultaneously.
  • Greatly reduces soil core required to characterize lithology.
  • Real-time, on-screen log during probing.
  • Cost-effective alternative to borehole logging or cone penetrometers.
  • Expendable dipole allows retraction grouting to seal logging holes.
  • Designed for percussion probing.
  • Spreadsheet compatible data storage.